P. J. Morgan – Audiobook Narrator

A lifelong storyteller, book nerd, actor, and secret author, P. J. Morgan has finally reached the pinnacle of human form as a professional audiobook narrator! She is an empathic performer with a broad skillset who believes in the power of the written and spoken word to transform, educate, elevate, and escape.

When not in the booth, she is outside playing with her equine friends, hiking with her demonspawn chihuahua, or crafting hit-or-miss vegan meals. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, P. J. is especially interested in stories featuring diverse characters, and has a soft spot for unusual protagonists and sympathetic villains.

P. J. narrates in her home studio using professional, industry-standard equipment:

  • VocalBooth Gold series with added bass traps
  • CAD Equitek E100S microphone
  • Audient iD14 interface
  • Studio One Artist using Punch and Roll
  • Izotope RX Standard

Skills and training:

  • Audiobook Narration training with Carol Monda, Sean Allen Pratt, and Tanya Eby
  • Studied opera for several years with Zachary Gordin and Layne Littlepage
  • Many years of musical ensemble experience in a wide variety of instruments, especially soprano recorder and bass guitar
  • Over a decade of theatre experience (from avant garde to professional), network TV and feature film credits
  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics (emphasis on Phonetics), minor degree in French Language Studies
  • Prior career designing voice user interfaces for Fortune 500 clients and casting and directing voice talent, audio editing

Accents and languages:

  • Native speaker of “General American” (California) English
  • Able to narrate long-form in the following accents: US – General, Boston, Southern soft ‘R’, Southern hard ‘R’; UK – RP, Estuary, Cockney
  • Conversational accents: Russian, German, Irish, Scottish, Texas, Midwestern US, Australian, French
  • Conversational and academic fluency in the French language
  • Basic language skills in Thai, German, Welsh, Spanish, and Latin
  • Proficiency in learning new languages and dialects quickly and accurately
  • Well versed in the International Phonetic Alphabet


  • Compassionate horse training
  • National Novel Writing Month (Municipal Liaison volunteer for 13 years)
  • Crafting: crochet and knit
  • Veganism, animal rights activism
  • Social justice
  • Linguistics, speech sounds, second language acquisition
  • Web and software development, especially in python and PHP
  • Hiking, strength training, roller derby