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P. J. Morgan is lost somewhere in the wilds of Central Oregon, subsisting on a steady diet of subversive stories and endless mugs of tea. She is a queer and genderqueer storyteller and actor with a love for playing complicated characters and wearing a dapper suit whenever possible. Her self-assured, spunky voice lends itself to Young Adult, Sci-Fi, mystery/thriller, classics, and romance. Favourite stories include workplace comedies on (space)ships, sapphic horror, heroes who don’t fit in, and found family. Read more

Audiobook Demos

Gritty Science Fiction – First Person

Young Adult – First Person – F/F Romance

Non-Fiction – Sports History

Middle Grade – Third Person

RomCom – First Person – M/F/F Dialogue

British Accents – Fantasy – Third Person – F/F Dialogue

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