Period drama class with supervillain sass.

150+ titles recorded.

A curious mix of fright-night chiller and Edwardian romp, P. J. is equally at home narrating dark thrillers and light-hearted romantic escapades. They live with their two horses and assorted house pets in Rural Lite (TM) Oregon, alternately enjoying the solitude and craving the connection of story. Narrating keeps them sane in the darkness.

As a non-binary queer storyteller, P. J. certainly knows the value of subtext and how to read between the lines for deeper meaning. The quest for meaningful representation has consumed her for the better part of three decades.

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Audiobook Demos

Young Adult – First Person – F/F Romance

Horror – Third Person – Creepy voice

Gritty Science-Fiction – First Person – M/F dialogue

Non-Fiction – Sports History

Middle Grade – Third Person

British Accents – Fantasy – Third Person – F/F Dialogue

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